The only way we can meet the many challenges currently facing California and the nation is with a citizenry that understands and participates in all aspects of civic life. Join us in shining a light on the need for quality civic education and engagement to ensure that these important issues are ultimately part of meaningful state policy changes.


How 3 States Are Digging In on Civics Education

There are now success stories from states that have pioneered new civics education laws. There’s a research base on civics education that, while young, is increasingly robust. Finally, there is public recognition that something has gone deeply wrong in the state of American civil discourse, and that schools play some role in mitigating it.

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Record Breaking Year for Civic Learning Awards

A record 92 public schools throughout California were recognized with this year's Civic Learning Awards. Now in its seventh year, the awards program recognizes public schools for their achievements in civic education.

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Watch how California high school students benefit from engaging civic learning programs that equip, empower, and encourage them to grow into active citizens. The Power of Democracy Steering Committee is working to support robust civic learning experiences for all California students.