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Plan for September

Courts, get a head start by following these steps:


Name a Lead

Be it a judge or non-judicial staff, name one person to lead your court's Constitution Month effort. Submit this information to POD. We'll help!


Planning Meeting

Meet with your colleagues to determine off-site visits and hosting one event at the court on Constitution Day (September 17). 


Recruit Volunteers

Judges in the Classroom volunteers are not required to sign-up again. Use the sample outreach email below to recruit volunteers at your court Hello: Judges and teachers alike are celebrating the success of California's Judges in the Classroom program. Our county is beginning to see requests from local K-12 teachers. If you have time in your schedule, think about volunteering this year and help students in your community get engaged in civics! If you have an hour or two to spend with a classroom, sign up and you'll receive more information, including a link to a volunteer community website containing grab-and-go lessons with talking points and optional scripts for presenting. I look forward to our court doing what we can to help teachers in our community this school year.


Mark Your Calendar

Requests will be received by your named court contact and POD staff. From there, the matchmaking begins!  

Turn Your Plan into Action

JIC Round

Make a List
Identify and select schools in your county using the California Department of Education's School Dashboard. This initiative aims for civic learning equity, take note when choosing your targets.

Your Court & Judges in the Classroom

Some judges do visits on their own, while others are part of an organized, court-based outreach program.
To see if your court is actively doing Judges in the Classroom visits, view our dashboard of volunteers and requests. 

E-Mail Educators
Once you've established your goal, let educators know.

Sample outreach email: I'd like to share with you this exciting opportunity to connect your classroom(s) with California's Judges in the Classroom program. In its first year, more than 200 classrooms hosted visits for lessons from judges on civics. You may get started by asking a judge to visit your classroom virtually or in-person. There are also opportunities to invite a judge to speak to your students about careers in law and pathways to the bench. Learn all about it here at Lessons are available in Spanish and Mandarin. If you have special needs, let us know. If you have any questions, please e-mail _____________.

Many courts name a judicial officer and a court staff lead to serve as contacts. These contacts are notified when judges volunteer and when schools submit requests. How these opportunities are shared depends on your court's preference. 

The coordinator works on behalf of the court's outreach program.  Once a court develops a relationship with local educators, they often form an Outreach Committee to direct future connections. 

This is the fun part! After the visit, send feedback forms to the teacher.

Feedback Form for Teachers

Feedback Form for Students

Last, Feedback from Judges! 


​Your feedback drives this program. If there's a lesson you have in your own collection, send it to POD. If you have ideas, use the forum on this website.


Thank you for contributing your time and effort to enhancing civic education in California schools and building community!

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