Fake news: How teachers are helping kids sort it out

With a new president spurring talk about fake news and social media companies taking steps to curb it, enterprising teachers around the Bay Area have seized on what’s become a wildly popular topic with students.

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What Happens When Teens Run the Court

When it comes to juvenile justice, policymakers are at a fork in the road, with some states moving in a more punitive direction — lowering the threshold for trying a minor in adult court, for example — while others are investing more in teen courts.

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More Civic Learning to Reach California Schools

The California Department of Education began rolling out a new history-social science framework this week that emphasizes civic learning. The move marks the culmination of efforts initiated more than three years ago by the California Task Force on K-12 Civic Learning, a task force created by the Chief Justice and State Superintendent Tom Torlakson.

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How to teach citizenship in schools

The best civic-education classes do more than impart knowledge about how government works. They create environments in which pupils get used to the tools of democracy, such as debating controversial issues and disagreeing respectfully.

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