Civic Learning

Relevant, active civic learning gives students the knowledge, skills and interest necessary to participate meaningfully in civic life. Youth have more exposure to current political and societal issues and events than ever before.  While they are increasingly able to share their concerns and views through social media, a weak grasp of the processes and workings of democracy will hamper their ability to meaningfully and productively act on those concerns and affect change as engaged Californians and Americans.

Research shows that robust civic learning helps students beyond the classroom – giving them opportunities to analyze, address and ultimately have a hand in solving complex issues that are important to them and those around them. Furthermore, research findings correlate high-quality civic learning to increased academic achievement, student engagement and reduced dropout rates. Putting a priority on civic learning can help young people engage more meaningfully in their lives, schools and communities, understand that education has a deeper purpose, and help prepare them for higher education and the workplace.